Ahh…the mainstream media…nothing is going to dampen their spirits.  No amount of bad news is going to stop them from giving a rosy outlook on Obama’s failed policies. 

On Friday, the Labor Department released its new unemployment numbers and sadly, nothing much had changed.  Unemployment barely moved–dropping just slightly from 10.2 percent to 10 percent.

To many–namely the unemployed–this means something very simple…jobs are still being lost at a record high.  But, that’s not being reflected in today’s newspapers.  Just take a look at the headlines.  According to these publications, you’d think that whole nasty recession is on the wane.

  • Jobless Numbers Brighten Outlook,  Boston Globe
  • Jobless Rate Lifts Hope of a Rebound, Dallas Morning News
  • Decline in US Unemployment Rate Spurs Hope, Toronto Star
  • Unemployment and Job Cuts in US Riding Coattails of Recovery, Bloomberg
  • Unexpected Drop in Jobless Rate Sparks Optimism, AP