On Sunday, Andrew Marr of BBC News interviewed U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain Luis Susman about the Copenhagen summit set to begin the next day.  Susman acted the good diplomat, cordially answering all the questions and dutifully representing the Obama Administration’s commitment to address climate change.  Marr then asked the Ambassador about the Climategate scandal, saying: 

In this country – you may have seen – there’s been a huge row about some leaked data from one of the climate change centres, and the Met Office is now going back and doing an investigation of the statistics going all the way back. Has that overshadowed, do you think, some of the pre-Copenhagen debate and has it had much pick-up in your country? 

Susman’s reply?  Like any good diplomat, he began spinning… 

There’s no pick-up in our country. Our position is solid in what we believe is the need to change and that this is caused by human behaviour. And, so no, I don’t see it having any effect in the United States.

 No pickup?  Oh right, they must only get MSNBC on those embassy televisions.