Before you ring in 2010, we thought you might be wondering what Americans think about Obamacare now that bills have passed both the House and Senate.  Well, a new survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports found “voter attitudes towards the legislation have hardened.”  (Hat tip: Thanks Hot Air!)

Before the Senate passed it’s 2000+ page health care bill, there were concerns that lawmakers – let alone voters – didn’t actually know what was contained in all that legalese.  But according to Rasmussen, voters attitudes toward the legislation has little to do with what’s contained in the bill.

While several individual components of the plan are popular, reminding voters of what’s included in the plan has virtually no impact on support for the overall legislation. This suggests that there are not major surprises in the legislation that will cause people to change their opinion of it.

39% of respondents claim to support the plan while 58% are opposed (46% are strongly opposed).  It’s good to know that despite the Democrats’ arrogance, Americans remain uncomfortable with a government takeover of health care and that voters recognize that proposals like the individual mandate are unconstitutional.

But I guess 58% just wasn’t enough opposition for Harry Reid and the Democrats when they rammed their bill through the Senate on Christmas Eve. 

Let’s hope debate in the New Year is able to stop this bill from becoming law.