Nicki wrote earlier about the White House’s appalling decision to encourage Congress to forgo the usual legislative process and just work out the details of that minor legislation, which would transform our health care sector and put government in control of one sixth of the economy, behind closed door. Breitbart details just how many times President Obama promised total transparency, indeed televised negotiations, when putting together the health care bill. Just another silly, meaningless campaign promise, obviously.

Reportedly, the White House Press Secretary responded to questions about this unusual, un-transparent process, explaining that the President “wants to get a bill to his desk as quickly as possible.”  One question that can’t be asked enough is “why?” What’s the rush? Don’t any of our elected representatives remember their mothers’ lectures that getting things done right is more important than getting them done quickly?

It’s obvious that the need for speed is completely based on a political calculation: Democrats know that the more people know about the heath care bill, the more they oppose it. With every news story they read, people become even more disgusted with their Representatives for supporting this terrible bill and corrupt process.

I remember that during President Clinton’s scandal plagued tenure practitioners of public relations emphasized that the key to managing a scandal was to get all the bad news out as quickly as possible and then not talk about it any more to starve the press of additional aspects to report on. It seems this is the tactic being embraced on health care reform. Democrats know that their health care bill is a political (and policy) disaster. They’ve committed themselves to getting it passed so now just want the whole thing behind them as quickly as possible so that they, and the press and the public, can move on to other topics.

The press should be calling them on this blatantly political process and the public should pledge to not let this issue get buried in the months ahead.