The trillion dollar health care bill currently being cobbled together in secret will be a big burden on the federal budget and taxpayers. Yet the states will also be big losers from health care “reform.”

Yes, the always helpful federal government somehow is looking at the record deficits that plague too many states in our union and deciding, yes, this is a perfect time to create a series of new unfunded mandates.

This article in Time provides an overview of a few of the reasons that many Governors and state officials have become outspoken opponents of the President’s health care push. From a major Medicaid expansion to countless new regulations that the states are support to somehow enforce to the plain unfairness of the corruptly constituted bill, the proposed legislation is a disaster for state governments. That means of course, that it’s a disaster for all taxpayers who, after all, won’t just be paying new costs at the federal level, but will likely see their state taxes rise as well.