While the recently exposed racist comments made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Bill Clinton may be shocking and offensive, they are simply indicative of the way most white liberals view black Americans.

The comments were revealed in “Game Change” by Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin and New York magazine’s John Heilemann. The book gives a behind the scenes look at the 2008 presidential campaign.

In the book, Harry Reid is quoted as describing Barack Obama as a “light skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Also exposed, was a comment by Bill Clinton, as he was trying to persuade Sen. Ted Kennedy to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton told Kennedy that just a few years ago, would have been serving them coffee.

While Reid was quick to apologize for his statement (and his true feelings toward 13 percent of this nation’s population), Clinton has offered no such apology and has refused to even speak about the issue…Of course, Clinton, unlike Reid, is not up for re-election this year.

Though always dismissed by the mainstream news media, liberals, as does the Democrat Party have a long history of racism, and keeping blacks “in their place.”

Immediately following President Bush’s 2004 announcement that National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice would replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State, the left-wing racists began their attack.

Madison, WI liberal talk show host John Sylvester called Condoleeza Rice an “Aunt Jemima.” Sylvester said: “I was aiming that directly at a black person that is letting himself be used by an administration that has been extremely hostile to minorities.”

You see, the liberal left does not believe that black Americans should have the right to an opinion–unless they espouse liberal ideals. If a black man or woman becomes a Republican or claims to be a conservative, they are deemed a sell-out.

Once the left realizes that they cannot control the words and actions of a prominent black leader, they allow their true feelings toward the entire black race come to the surface. For the Democrat Party, black folks are seen as nothing more than a voting block to be manipulated.

During her time with the Bush administration, several political cartoons appeared in most of this nation’s liberal newspapers which exaggerated the black features of Dr. Rice, and were reminiscent of the racist cartoons that that were common in American newspapers during the ‘Jim Crow’ period.

Michelle D. Bernard, senior vice president of the Independent Women’s Forum.said of the cartoons: “The depiction of Dr. Condoleezza Rice by Jeff Danziger, Pat Oliphant and Garry Trudeau as an ebonics speaking, big-lipped, black mammy who just loves her ‘massa’ is a disturbing trend in editorial cartoons. These cartoons take the racism of the liberals who profess respect and adoration for black Americans to a new level. It is revolting.”

The NAACP was completely silent on this issue. However, had Dr. Rice been a liberal Democrat, that organization would have plenty to say. The incident truly demonstrated that the NAACP is nothing more than another branch of the Democrat Party.

Nor did NOW (National Organization for Women) or the League of Women Voters come to the defense of Dr. Rice. Could it be due to the fact that these groups are also not what they claim to be and merely fronts for the Democrat Party? Of course, both organizations sat silently throughout the Clinton years and refused to condemn a president who was clearly a sexual predator.

One favorite left-wing policy is that of affirmative action, the practice of awarding jobs, promotions, and college admission based solely on the color of one’s skin. When conservatives argue against the policy, we are called racists. However, it is those who push for affirmative action who are the true racists.

With honors being awarded based on one’s race, the left is saying that blacks and Hispanics cannot compete with whites on an even playing field, that they must be given an advantage that they themselves are not capable of achieving.

So, who are the true racists?