The Massachusetts special election challenged conventional wisdom that the Bay State is forever and solidly blue.  And IWV’s poll released this week reveals that left-leaning voters in MA are skeptical (at best) of President Obama’s effort to overhaul health care. 

Now a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey also released this week (h/t Resurgent Republic) shows that “7 in 10 Americans believe that the Democrats’ loss of their 60 seat supermajority in the Senate is a positive move for the country.”

If you add all this up, it’s pretty clear Americans are questioning Democratic power and their legislative agenda.  And the public is not afraid to share how it feels. According to RCP’s average, more than 57% of Americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction.

While the loss of the supermajority doesn’t generate the divided government results respondents of the CNN poll claim they want, but it does, at least, restore the Republican filibuster, which is a step in the right direction.