Today’s question:

Which party will shine at Thursday’s healthcare summit?

Michelle Bernard, President of the Independent Women’s Forum, said:

Only Failure Will Make This Summit A Success
Neither party will shine during the White House summit, which is more likely to cause viewers to roll their eyes and flip the channel than get excited about health care reform. The only way that this summit will be a success is if it’s ineffectiveness finally convinces Congress to give up on its current legislative push and go back to the drawing board in terms of crafting a proposal.

The public has already expressed its disgust for the current proposals in every way it can – in the voting booths, in town hall meetings, and consistently to pollsters. One summit-even one that goes swimmingly from the Democrats’ perspective-isn’t going to change the consensus among the American people that these health care bills should be canned. The American people have listened to policymakers talk about health care reform; it’s time for Washington to start listening to the public and give up on this version of health care reform.