News flash…hot dogs might cause choking.  Years ago, I suppose parents were able to look at a food and determine for themselves its choking potential.  I’m sure many parents responded to these dangers by advising their children to eat slowly, take smaller bites, or…chew.  Not anymore. In the age of the nanny state, these simple parenting solutions just aren’t good enough. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics is very concerned about these killers food products and they want the manufacturers and government regulators to do something about it.

The Boston Globe reports that the AAP “seeks to make choking prevention a priority for government and food makers” and that the “group also urges the Food and Drug Administration to work with other government agencies to establish a nationwide food-related choking reporting system; and to recall foods linked with choking.  The academy says the food industry should avoid shapes and sizes that pose choking risks.”  Boy, I can’t wait for those redesigned hot-dogs and grapes.  What new “safer” shape would you like to see?

So, parents, make sure you read those warning labels on hot dogs, grapes, candies, and nearly every small item sold in your local grocery store.  With food costs as high as they are, its nice to know the cost of additional government-required labelling will be passed on to the consumer.