10. A must read: Senior Fellow Julie Gunlock’s response to the Jessica Velenti opinion piece in the Washington Post in which she called out IWF as merely “[existing] to tell women that equality is actually bad for them.”

9. The theme of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference was “Saving Freedom”. See what George Will had to say about freedom and dependency here.

8. Strangely, Rush Limbaugh and Jon Stewart are on the same side in speaking against Glenn Beck’s CPAC speech. While Stewart mocks his use of the chalkboard and Beck’s claim that the library is free, Limbaugh (and Mark Levin) seem to take issue with some of Beck’s criticism of Republicans. Limbaugh doesn’t see what objective this criticism reaches and Levin believes it to be divisive at a time when “Republicans deserve reinforcements. 

7. The president of the Utah Senate and the speaker of the Utah House of Representatives wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, proposing that states use their portion of federal tax money to take over federal entitlement programs. What a good idea!

6. Check out the full video here of Students for Liberty’s Alexander McCobin praising CPAC for upholding the principles of freedom and liberty by having GOProud represented at CPAC as a sponsor. Then watch as the CPAC crowd boos Ryan Sorba from the California Young Americans for Freedom off the stage when he begins chastising CPAC, the gay community, and the reactive audience.

5. McDonald v. Chicago, the Supreme Court case that will determine if the right to have a gun in one’s home applies to the states, is just around the corner! Second Amendment momentum continues, with a suit for the right to carry a firearm in public.

4. Last week we linked a story about the government storing babies DNA. It turns out that bureaucrats are still interested in your children’s personal lives years later.

3. Foreshadowing? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, speaking about the necessity of a jobs bill, said that “Men, when they’re out of work, tend to become abusive.” With Harry Reid’s chances for reelection on shaky ground, those close to Reid better watch out! Check out the video of Reid’s statements here.

2. Here is a tough critique of the President’s healthcare proposal from the Washington Post’s opinion section. The big problems: the costs of the plan are increased from the Senate’s version, the projected savings are shaky, and the President imposes taxes that won’t be collected until after he is long gone from office-even if he were to win a second term. Leaving the unpleasant job of collecting the taxes to a successor? Not so credible. To watch the Bipartisan summit on health care starting at 10am Thursday, click here.

1. Brain drain isn’t all bad.