Well, well, well…it appears the First Lady has her work cut out for her. Fresh off the launch of her anti-obesity campaign, it appears the Mrs. Obama has a little more work to do at home.  The New York Daily News reports:  

The spike in President Obama’s cholesterol level detected during a physical exam
Sunday was apparently caused by overindulgence in sweets and cheeseburgers, according to spokesman Robert Gibbs.

“He would be…the first to tell you that he has probably had a few more cheeseburgers and…more desserts in the last year than I’ve seen him eat prior to this,” said Gibbs, since Obama’s days in the Senate.  

And yesterday, CBS News reported that after giving a speech in Georgia, the President sat down to a lunch plate piled high with fried chicken, beans, sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  Not exactly what your doctor ordered, Mr. President. 

Perhaps feeling the heat from the observing press, Obama sniped “I don’t want any lectures about my cholesterol. Don’t tell Michelle.” 

Hey, I’m right there with you, Mr. President. Who doesn’t enjoy a fattening lunch now and then. But perhaps you should start listening to your doctors.  After all, aren’t you big on preventative care? 

And by the way, can you tell also tell your wife to stop “lecturing” the American public too…or how about this, just don’t tell her.