10.Milton Friedman saved Chile from the devastating effects of an earthquake? If it weren’t for a Chilean born contingent of Friedman’s students who secured prominent economic posts in Chile and a letter from Friedman himself, Chile’s current situation post-quake would be much, much different.

9. The public wants answers about the TARP financial bailout. Here are some answers in the form of an infographic (easy-to-understand and entertaining).

8. Beware! Coming to a restaurant near you: hidden, after-the-fact fees on your restaurant bill for employees’ health coverage.    

7. Let These Women Pray! A must read article about a deep-seated controversial issue in Islam, playing out only a mile from the White House.

6. On Tuesday the Supreme Court heard arguments in McDonald v. City of Chicago. While it is likely that the Court will uphold Second Amendment rights, it won’t be because of an originalist reading of the Constitution.

5. No, Congressional Action is not needed.

4. What? Use leftover stimulus money for unemployment benefits, instead of additional spending? (Washington says) never!
3. The Post Office is pushing to eliminate Saturday service. Tad DeHaven at the Cato Institute has another idea: privatize the old dinosaur.

2. Obama is unwilling to compromise on health care reform.

1. Even though the unemployment rate for the month of February didn’t change, we are still asking the same question…Where are the jobs?