10. So much for public ‘servants’.

9. Are you an avid fisherman or fisherwoman? Don’t want the government intruding on your favorite pastime? Then you must read this.

8. Is hurtful speech protected speech? 

7. We’re all criminals now, or at least will be treated like them.

6. The damage and consequences of the chaos after the Haitian quake are far-reaching and conditions in make-shift camps are dangerous for everyone-particularly women.

5. Ironically, the DC government provides evidence of the Laffer curve at work.

4. A Californian, ‘landmark’ legislation is now just a source of embarrassment-especially for Governor Schwarzenegger.

3. If Obama’s health care plan is so great, then why all the trouble to get people to accept it?

2. A comical, but nonetheless serious look at what us humans could learn about health care from…pet health care?

1. Check out Carrie Lukas’ profiling of New York Times endorsed classroom activities aimed at teaching kiddies about global warming. (Hope you’re not looking for a balanced presentation of viewpoints in this curriculum.)