Matthew Continetti over at The Weekly Standard sums up public opinion on ObamaCare:

More bad news for Democrats in the latest Pew survey. Forty-eight percent oppose the health bill, 38 percent approve. Obama’s job approval is down to 46 percent, with 43 percent disapproval. A majority says health care costs will increase despite passage of health care reform. Ask voters what they think of Congress, and the four words you are most likely to hear are “dysfunctional,” “corrupt,” “self-serving,” and “inept.” “Tickle fight” didn’t make the cut.

This goes hand-in-hand with what IWF’s sister organization Independent Women’s Voice found in its recent health care reform survey

IWV found that “Pluralities of men (48%), women (38%), and voters of all ages, regions, and incomes felt that Congress should start anew with a bipartisan proposal.”

It also learned that this latest push by the Obama administration and Democrats to pass healthcare reform has backfired.  In fact, only 29% of respondents said their support of healthcare reform has increased this month, while a majority (55%) became less supportive of the idea. And, to add insult to injury, “ 42% say they have become MUCH less supportive.”

And perhaps the reason so many voters refer to Congress as “corrupt” and “self-serving” — as Continetti acknowledges — is that they don’t see the same healthcare emergency that the President and his allies like to claim exists.  IWV learned that the public hopes Congress takes their time in getting reform done right (79%), even if means taking a little longer (14%).