In Washington this week, a lot of conservatives and Republicans have been walking around with a bit of a hangover – weary, blurry-eyed, and a bit sick to their stomachs after the House vote on Sunday.  

After a year of fighting for sensible market-based health care reforms, it was hard to watch the passage of “The Recovery Act” – a $940 billion piece of legislation that inserts government into our lives in an unprecedented manner

Well, it looks like this sick-to-your-stomach feeling is spreading – and not just inside-the-beltway.  According to a CBS poll released yesterday (h/t The Daily Caller), two-thirds of Americans would like to see Republicans continue to challenge the health care bill.

It’s no surprise that 89 percent of Republicans surveyed felt this way. But it’s significant to note that 41 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of Independents felt similarly.