10. A ridiculously true tale of ‘quality’ government service.

9. Paul Krugman talks about death panels.

8. It’s a little late, but CNN’s Jack Cafferty recently asked viewers what government services they could do without. Check out what others had to say, and post your own ideas here!

7. In case you needed another reason to dismiss moral relativism.

6. Credit where credit is due: Reason.tv’s Nanny of the Month for March 2010: New York State Rep. Felix Ortiz!

5. More government dependence-food stamps on campus.

4. The European Union’s human rights charter will be turned into an 80 minute poem with interpretive song and dance. NO, really. All paid for with tax dollars, no less.

3. Politicians are shocked (shocked!) when the knowledge problem comes back to bite them.

2. What is up with all these czars? This should help shine some light on the worrisome truth.

1. Be sure to check out IWF’s new campaign, Balanced Education for Everyone!