10. From Reason.tv: Tax facts to make your head explode!

9. When will it stop, New York?!? New York Assemblywoman Barbara Clark proposed a bill which plans to make the “selling, storing, distributing, holding for service, or using in preparation” of high fructose corn syrup illegal in New York.

8. Will the implementation of the health care bill passed by Congress improve the character of our country? Click here to see what IWF chairwoman Heather R. Higgins had to say on the topic.

7. The 2010 winner of the Cato Institute’s Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty is…

6. Government’s not broken, it’s just too big.

5. The face of the American family may be rapidly changing, but the importance of the family as the ultimate “safety net,” and as the central unit which informs our communities and economy, has not. 

4. Subsidizing people for not working = More people choosing not to work.

3. Hey, Congress! What’s with the double standard?! It is the law that my taxes be filed by the end of today, April 15th, but Congress is about to miss its budget resolution deadline of the same date!  

2. More taxes or more jobs? California is a clear example-you can’t have both!

1. Be on the lookout: not so hidden environmental and health messages in your TV programming (and it’s no accident).  Harmless? Probably. Slightly condescending? Absolutely.