10. Progressivism’s dark history.

9. Obama: Washington needs to be more like California. Yes, to the innovation, ambition, and ‘boundless spirit.’ No, to the soaring deficit and unemployment rate, and to the mass exodus of businesses and residents out of the state. 

8. People trust government less than ever.

7. Why did the SEC vote to bring charges against Goldman Sachs break down by party lines?

6. A reality check from Christina Hoff Sommers about where the wage disparity between sexes really comes from.

5. There has already been a lot of speculation about the next Supreme Court nominee. See what George Will has to say here.

4. Two sides. Same coin.

3. On townhall.com, IWF’s Nicole Kurokawa breaks down the consequences of a value-added tax.

2. Check out IWF’s Carrie Lukas in U.S. News and World Report talking about the dark side of environmentalism.

1. Independent Women’s Forum remembers a woman of valor, Dr. Dorothy Height