From AnnMarie, Director of NeW:

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism is a wonderful book and a great guide to women’s issues. Carrie Lukas did a wonderful job combining factual information with practical application. After spending the last few months reviewing Lukas’ book for the online book club, I had the privilege of interviewing her. 

“Interviewing Carrie Lukas was such an honor. She is an amazing author and such a kind and understanding person. I was extremely impressed with her dedication to conservative women’s issues and her passion to see positive change in our culture. I truly enjoyed meeting Carrie and getting to know her on a personal level. Carrie is a strong conservative woman, amazing author and a wonderful wife and mother!”

“I was very impressed with her ability to explain opposing viewpoints and then explain why the conservative viewpoint was true. Lukas’ writing style is very “down-to-earth”, it was refreshing and encouraging to read such an informative and practical guide to today’s issues.