10. Pew Research finds that the public is doubtful over the effectiveness of the stimulus and TARP.

9. Trade proposals to rival Obama’s National Export Initiative.

8.  “Obama deficit panel to delay solution recommendations until after November elections.” How convenient!

7. The Cato Institute’s Gene Healy comments on the increasing FDA insanity.

6. Check out this post at Café Hayek and the accompanying video which highlight the power of exchange, specialization, and the division of labor.

5. The health care cost control that wasn’t.

4. Don’t miss John Stossel confronting myths about capitalism and discussing why everyone prospers with free trade.

3. Let’s give this idea the red light-California is fining drivers for trivial mistakes.

2. This headline should actually read: “Silicon Valley Officials Seek to Destroy Childhoods of Local Children.” OK, so that’s an overreach, but so is this ordinance.

1. In Haiti, it doesn’t make sense to let a crisis go to waste, either.