10. There’s been a lot of chatter about the Arizona immigration bill. You can read it (and not just what everyone else says about it) Watch IWF’s Debate.

9. Regulatory agencies accept favors from the companies they regulate. What a surprise!

8. Estonia vs. Greece

7. In case you aren’t tired of the Rand Paul controversy yet, here’s a roundup of commentary.

6. And for the New York Times take on the matter-only government can save us from Jim Crow.

5. BP is pulling out all the stops.

4. The national debt passed $13 trillion two nights ago. Shouldn’t this be a warning to Congress?

3. Unfazed by all that debt, Senator Bob Casey wants a $165 billion bailout for unions.

2. Everyone is cutting North Korea off.

1. Vote for your favorite contestant in the “I Am Free Enterprise” US Chamber of Commerce competition.