Hamas defender Glen Greenwald appeared on MSNBC yesterday pillorying Israel for their supposed attack on a so-called “humanitarian” aid ship headed for Gaza.  

After begrudgingly acknowledging that Hamas is a terrorist organization, Greenwald quickly adds that Israel engages in terrorism too.  Now, of course, that isn’t true but for the sake of argument let’s say it is true, that Israel engages in terrorism.  Who cares?  Does one nation’s terrorism justify another’s?  If Israel was indeed engaging in terrorism, would it justify Hamas’ murderous acts of terrorism in Israel?  If so, Greenwald has a pretty scary view of the world.

But that wasn’t the only bizarre statement coming from Greenwald.  When Eliot Spitzer (filling in for the host) questioned Greenwald’s assertion that Israel isn’t allowing humanitarian aid to reach Gaza, Greenwald responded, almost hysterically, that it isn’t just him saying it but that “the UN says it.”  Well, hell, hold the presses, stop the interview, put a fork in it. I’m done. I’m convinced.  I mean, if the UN says it, it’s gotta be true.  After all, when dealing with Israel, the UN has always been so nonpartisan, so fair and level-headed, right?

Wrong.  The one thing for which the UN can be counted on is their solidly anti-Israel stance.  UN Watch has an excellent report on the institutional anti-Semitism rampant within the United Nations.  But it wasn’t just the UN Greenwald cites as an organization condemning Israel’s blockade, he told Spitzer that “everyone says it.”  Thanks for the specifics, Greenwald.  He then encourages viewers to “look at UN reports which are objective.”  Oh really?

Does Greenwald really think he’s being persuasive here?  Are we really supposed to be surprised that the UN is condemning Israel?  The UN has a thriving cottage industry scolding Israel for the simple act of defending itself.  For instance, in 2007, the UN issued 22 resolutions against Israel and exactly zero against Sudan’s genocide in Darfur.  Yeah, that makes a ton of sense.

In one more embarrassing moment, Greenwald tried to illustrate how mean ole Israel isn’t allowing food to get to the refugees in Gaza by saying Israel blocks “essential” food products like “chocolate and french fries.” 

Ummm….Mr. Greenwald, I hardly think Michelle Obama would approve of what you’re calling “essentials.”