I thought the Service Employees International Union couldn’t go much lower than bullying boy scouts, but it appears they’ve bested themselves.  Way to go, big labor thugs!! 

Investors Business Daily reports that the SEIU is staging a three day strike against Red Cross blood donation operations because the Red Cross (in response to the weakened economy and lower donations) has recently been forced to cut salaries, end bonuses and reduce pensions.  The Red Cross relies on donations and in this economy it’s understandable that there will be some belt tightening.  

But SEIU clearly believes they shouldn’t have to make any sacrifices-not even when it comes to their contract with charities that are only trying to make it in these tough economic times.  And SEIU isn’t just asking to be exempt from the cuts; SEIU is asking for higher salaries and more benefits from the already struggling Red Cross.  

I worked at the Red Cross and know that many Red Cross employees sacrifice more lucrative careers in order to give back to their country and communities–dedicating themselves to a life of service, charity and volunteerism.  Many could make more money in the private sector or even in a government job with FEMA or any of the other federal homeland security and emergency response agencies.  But they don’t because they believe in helping others through private charitable assistance.  

But perhaps SEIU sees little need for private charitable organizations. After all, is there really a need for the Red Cross when big government is there to supply your every need from food to housing to healthcare? 

Perhaps that explains SEIU’s lack of reverence for the mission of the Red Cross and the life-saving blood products it supplies to some 3,000 hospitals and transfusion centers nationwide. The Red Cross is the largest single supplier of blood in the United States but the SEIU sees nothing wrong with taking the nation’s blood supply hostage in order to make the Red Cross meet their demands.  

Perhaps President Obama can take this up with Former SEIU head Andy Stern.  He is, after all, the number one visitor to the White House-listed on the White House logs for 22 visits-the top number on the logs.