10. Nick Shulz of AEI tugs on every consumer’s heartstrings/ear with a gentle reminder that markets and competition fuel the innovation of our favorite things.

9. Sloe Gin Fizz cocktails outlawed in NYC; thanks, Big Brother.

8. College grads have it made, says Thomas Friedman – plenty of free time (i.e. no jobs) and little to lose when it comes to small business start-ups.

7. Congressional Democrats’ indecision results in one American entrepreneur’s family celebrating the rare freedom to an inheritance sans taxation.

6. Bernanke soothes fears of a double-dip recession with powerful words like “maybe, possibly, and eventually”.

5. The DC Public School system, the nation’s worst performing, ratifies an exciting new teacher contract based on incentives, private funding, and competition.

4. Senators from both sides are working against the White House/EPA effort to raise taxes on the sly and kill even more American jobs.

3. BP’s approach to the oil spill clean-up resembles big government – expensive, ineffective, and irksome to responsible American citizens.

2. A recent Zogby poll gives insight about liberals and economics: combining the two is a recipe for failure. Read what IWF’s Julie Gunlock has to say about these telling new findings.

1. Attacking women candidates for being women is old news; read about Tuesday’s victories.