A mainstream women’s organization that supports the principles of economic liberty, personal responsibility, and political freedom says Tuesday night’s primary was a big night for conservative women

California Republicans picked two highly successful businesswomen on Tuesday to represent the GOP in November. Carly Fiorina, a former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, will challenge three-term Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer in the fall, and Republican Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, will run for governor against former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.

In South Carolina, Tea Party activists flexed their muscles and pushed State Representative Nikki Haley ahead of three rivals in the Republican gubernatorial race. After taking 49 percent of the vote, she is slated to take on U.S. Congressman Gresham Barrett in a June 22 runoff.

Schaeffer (Independent Women's Forum)Another Tea Party favorite, Sharron Angle, won the right to challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) of Nevada in November.

 “I think it was a big night for conservative women,” comments Sabrina Schaeffer, senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF). “These are all candidates who campaigned on a return to limited government, lowering taxes, and increasing individual freedom, and I think that’s really the token to take away from the victories.”

The IWF fellow believes these GOP women will bring added interest to the fall campaign.

“I think that the fact that we’re seeing sort of a refashioning of the GOP with all these women at the same time…is going to add to the momentum,” she predicts. “I think it’s going to add to the turnout in November, and I think that’s going to make even more glam and excitement.”