10. The World Cup is finally here! That means productivity around the world is extremely low for the month, economists are saying.

9. The federal government imposes greater regulations on private universities – doesn’t this negate the meaning of the word “private”? Goodbye incentives, hello inefficiency.

8. It’s no secret that socialist policies will result in massive deficits; current events confirm this, even in France where the administration is forced to make a bold mandate for a higher minimum retirement age, despite socialist uproar.

7. Louisiana moves towards de-regulation in K-12 education, moving towards greater school choice.

6. Keep your fingers crossed – polls regarding upcoming gubernatorial elections have limited-government candidates at the top, says AEI fellow Michael Barone.

5. Nebraska Rep. Lee Terry demands factual information in children’s books about Global Warming. Thanks for the accountability, Rep. Terry!

4. The Senate takes a decisive stand against a huge spending package – too little too late?

3. Europe’s fourth largest economy, Spain, is in the midst of a credit crisis. Unlike Greece, Spain is currently denying international aid.

2. If you’re already worried about what the new healthcare system will look like, don’t read this. IWF’s Carrie Lukas sheds some light on who holds the reigns of the operation.

1. Greater regulation over the internet is looming; add your name to the list of those in opposition.