So whatever happened to General Betray Us?

That is what a September 10, 2007 New York Times ad, paid for by, the lefty advocacy organization, called General David Petraeus as he prepared to stand before the U.S. Congress and testify about the war in Iraq.

Wikipedia claims that the hundreds of posts defending this outrageous advertisement were deleted from the Move.on website in the wake of President Obama’s picking Petraeus to replace General Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan a few short days ago. So let me get this straight: He’s General Betray Us when a Republican president relies on him, but he’s General Good Guy when a Democrat appoints him?

 Dr. Paul Kengor, writing on Townhall, just about sums it up: The fact is the American left always behaves completely differently based entirely on whether it’s in power or out of power.

 It struck me that, by and large, most conservatives supported President Obama in his firing of McChrystal. There were a few who didn’t, but even rabble rousers such as Bill O’Reilly (Bill, I mean that as a compliment-don’t go sensitive on me) stood with Obama. It was a matter of principle.