The Middle East has long been a mess. But it is getting more dangerous by the nano-second. There is now fresh evidence that our charm offensive for dictators isn’t working. Instead of recognizing its “isolation” and jumping to correct this grievous state of affairs, Iran has opted to arm Syria. The Wall Street Journal reports:

 Iran has sent Syria a sophisticated radar system that could threaten Israel’s ability to launch a surprise attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities, say Israeli and U.S. officials, extending an alliance aimed at undermining Israel’s military dominance in the region.

Gee whiz, don’t they know that isn’t nice?

 Oh, but here’s the good news:

 U.S. officials including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who sent a high-level trade delegation to Damascus in June, continue to argue that Washington has the best hope of altering Syrian President Bashar Assad’s behavior, and weakening his alliance with Tehran, through diplomatic dialogue.

 Yep, that’ll do it.