10. General Petraeus is called to replace General McChrystal in Afghanistan, putting Democrats in a potentially precarious situation in upcoming elections.

9. The recession has caused substantial negative effects in the lives of more than half of all American adults. Yet, still no jobs?

8. If even Europe wants to cut back on spending, why is the U.S. the G-20 member who insists on keeping it up? Allan Meltzer tells us why Obamanomics are our biggest mistake.

7. Good news! The financial reform bill is in serious jeopardy with the addition of a mysterious and pricey bank tax.

6. The federal government has no idea how much land and property it actually owns, which is a big problem for taxpayers! Reason makes 12 recommendations on how the fed can turn things around.

5. The Census laid off thousands of workers this months. The job report will be affected, but as usual, some are hopeful that we have made significant gains.

4. 1,800 veterans may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis while receiving dental treatment at a government-run VA hospital in Missouri. This is a tragedy, for sure, but also a timely example of what government healthcare could look like.

3. Paul Krugman: “We are now, I fear, in the stages of a Third Depression“. The trouble is not behind us, it actually lies ahead.

2. The U.S.’ presence in Afghanistan has been a prominent news subject this week and IWF’s Nicole Kurokawa gives us another good reason that our efforts in the nation matter – women.

1. As many Americans are faithfully tuning into coverage of the Elena Kagan hearings, our Congressional representatives seem… bored. Alex Brandon looks into the importance (or lack thereof) of the tests we give future members of our highest court.