It’s the Friday before the Fourth of July…I’m in a good mood.  Maybe that’s why I was so happy to see Ron Hart’s amusing piece in the Daily Caller listing all the “Reasons for Optimism” coming out of these many Obama blunders.  He says:

  • Since the government was partners with BP in this drilling endeavor, this failure by Obama will make Americans realize how inept our government is when we really need it. Perhaps it will slow the statist agenda of Obama and his power-hungry Democrats.
  • It might help us realize that our health care comes from our doctors and hospitals, not the government. Its involvement has seldom made a value proposition better; our current government just gums things up and tries to shake people down for a cut of the action. Obama has torpedoed the oil companies, health care, insurance and financial institutions. I am going to invest in Iranian nuclear development, because that is the only growing business sector Obama will not attack.
  • The heat has been turned up on Rahm “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste” Emanuel, which, along with being named in the Blagojevich trial, might send that weasel packing. I hope he announces he will soon be leaving the Obama White House, presumably to spend more time cursing out his own family.
  • His actions to date have exposed Obama for what he is: arrogant, delusional, and in way over his head. He has been quick to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln or FDR, but I really think he is more a Dwight “Eisenhower-lite,” in that he has escalated wars, fired generals who disparaged him, and played a lot of golf. Obama says he is “with the Gulf Coast for the long-haul” or until the 2012 election, whichever comes first.
  • High-tax, big-union, Democrat-ruled states like New York, New Jersey and California are close to defaulting on various debt obligations and find it hard to finance themselves. This, along with Greece’s debt issues, will make voters think about the trajectory Obama has us following.