10. Obamacare will hurt millions of Americans down the road, but among those already feeling the ill-effects are employees of White Castle restaurants. Does this mean the price of sliders is going up too?

9. Headed abroad anytime soon? Well, the federal government is going to make that more expensive too. Passport fees are being raised due to budget problems in consular offices.

8. The federal government is poisoning its workers. Literally.

7. The imposition of a tax on indoor tanning hurts small businesses and raises questions about personal responsibility and choices. The money raised through these taxes will support national healthcare.

6. In a recent Gallup poll, Obama’s approval rating among Independent voters has dipped even further, now coming in at 38%.

5. US/Cuba foreign policy takes a turn – Congress would like to loosen sanctions on the Communist nation by lifting the travel ban that keeps Americans from touring Cuba. We know trade is good but… will supporting Castro after all of these years really help anyone? 

4. The 2010 World Cup is coming to a close, but economists are wondering if the success of the event will be worth the cost to South Africa, and if, indeed, playing host will provide a long-term boost to the nation’s economy.

3. The Department of Justice has filed a suit against Arizona’s controversial immigration law the same week that Oklahoma, Utah, and South Carolina consider similar laws for their states. Rasmussen reports that only 28% of voters support the suit against Arizona while 61% of voters would like to see similar laws in their home states.

2. “Excellent healthcare is, by definition, redistribution.” Donald Berwick was officially appointed by President Obama as the Head of Medicaid and Medicare this week, creating angst over his explicitly socialist ideals.

1. France’s Nicolas Sarkozy is taking fashion advice a step too far by pushing a ban on headscarves in France. Read what IWF scholar Hadley Heath has to say about his fashion faux pas.