I had the pleasure of meeting Tito the Builder (Tito Munoz) yesterday and talking to him about his new radio show, “America Eres Tú,” which kicks off this Saturday morning.  He says it will be the first Spanish language talk show in the area, and will air every Saturday morning on VIVA 900 from 9 to 10 am. 

Get ready -Tito will be hosting and he is going to be fantastic.

One and a half years ago, Tito started the Conservative Hispanic Coalition because he realized, while working in the construction industry, that his fellow Latinos did not have a voice in the media. 

Seeing the fight for Latinos voters, Tito says now is the time for Latinos to choose their place in American history.  “Are we going to be a part of this transformation of America? Or, are we going to be a part of returning America to the vision of the founding fathers?”  He said Latinos must be “the new Thomas Paines of America.”

 He praised America for being a land of opportunities. “When I came here I had $200 in my pocket.  No English, no family, nothing.”  But now Tito is a successful businessman, and he wants to reach out to other Latinos who share his immigration experience.  “This country is full of opportunities; we cannot change that!”

On the issue of immigration, Columbian-born Tito level-headedly approaches debate.  He says the answer is a free-market solution.  “I’m not going to say immigrants haven’t brought anything good to this country, because then I’m no good,” he mused.  He plans to host a number of well-known guests to debate a variety of policy areas, and the show welcomes phone calls and emails as well. 

Tito criticized outspoken liberal Latinos, who he says control the messages Spanish speakers receive in the United States.  “Univision’s anchor, Jorge Ramos, he’s a socialist democrat; now that should say something to you right there!”  Tito believes that Ramos and other liberal Latinos in the media misrepresent the politics and the values of Latino Americans.  It is so refreshing to see an entrepreneur like Tito take the initiative to reach the Latino community with a message they can connect to.  Efforts from conservatives to reach out to Latinos are long overdue.

Tito also hopes the show will reach Latinos abroad through Facebook and online listening.  “We can teach Latinos overseas that America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy like most people believe, and about the importance of the free market.”   You can check out the Facebook page here, or listen to VIVA 900 online here.  Recuerde que el programa va a ser en español, si usted puede entender, pero si no puede entender… Tell your Spanish-speaking friends to tune in!