10. The economy is tough on everyone’s budget so take Time’s advice: don’t be a sucker! Generic products are a worthwhile deal.

9. Arizonans can celebrate freedom from unreliable camera enforcement of traffic violations. One small win for Constitutional rights!

8. A unique response to incompetent traders on Wall Street: robots.

7. Will private philanthropy finally achieve education reform? Bill Gates shows that the best returns on his investments come in the form of well-educated children.

6. Michelle Obama has a point when she says “dessert is not a right” in reference to childhood obesity. If only she knew that it is also not a right of the government to regulate individual food and beverage consumption

5. Medicaid learns “Don’t mess with Texas“. The federal program’s inability to fairly compensate doctors has led Texan healthcare providers to consider pulling out of Medicaid altogether.

4. Census jobs are ending and that means thousands of Americans will be jobless once again. Sustainable employment continues to elude the federal government.

3. Chicago, hometown of the Obama family, is considering an “obesity tax” on sodas. What an excellent idea for a government that wishes to cripple private industry and tax its cash-strapped citizens.

2. “Explain to the American people that we’re broke”. This is the House’s solution to the Social Security crisis, along with a plan to raise the retirement age. Clearly a rational and sustainable solution clearly has yet to be discovered.

1.Healthcare seems to have taken a backseat to financial reform this week, but its implications are still being discovered. Did you know some citizens with the most to lose are young adults? IWF’s Junior Fellow Maria Andersen can tell you all about it.