Aset Magomadova, who strangled her 14-year-old daughter to death with a scarf, has been given a suspended sentence (probation)… in Canada. An activist responded:

 Marilyn Millions, one of Magomadova’s sponsors with St. James Anglican Church, said outside court she was relieved “at the compassion and mercy that has been shown” by the court.

 The light sentence doled out to this Muslim mommie dearest is no doubt equally welcome to parents who regard honor killing as the right way to deal with girls who want to become westernized. 

 Canadian columnist Barbara Kay was appalled: 

 In his 25-page decision, the judge said that “Showing mercy does not mean we approve of the act. It simply means sometimes a particular situation may demand a slightly different solution.” (my emphasis)….

 This LoVecchio judgment was simply outrageous. In an earlier musing, the judge opined that Aset Magomadova was not a danger to society. Well,  she was a danger to an individual who was helpless to escape her rage – her very own daughter. And what message does his “sentence” of probation send to other parents from other countries, war-torn or not, who believe that they have the power of life and death over their children?

Western jurisprudence is being set aside in the name of “compassion” but this is really something else: extreme multiculturalism, a rejection of blindfolded justice, our ideal in the West. Why on earth should Aset Magomadova’s travails allow her to get away with murder?