You may be surprised to find out about one of the lesser known plans in Congress.  I was slightly bewildered – and amused – to read in The Economist (Flushing away unfairness) that our members of Congress are hard at work to give us equal opportunity… to use the toilet.  Oh yes, this year has been truly phenomenal as Washington seized control of the health care system and now endeavors to break down the stalls of disparity so you do not have to wait in line for the loo!   

H.R. 4869 would mandate potty parity for women and men in public buildings, new or renovated.  Sure, it makes sense for men and women to have an equal provision of restrooms, but does Congress really have to spend time and resources writing the law and holding hearings about it to achieve “porcelain proportionality?”  Many states, localities, and federal agencies have already adopted such measures or included this consideration in building codes.  Spending energy on this type of legislation is a waste at a time when the economy is in shambles and the government is under fire for over-promising and under-delivering much-needed change.