William McGurn notes in today’s Wall Street Journal that Donald Trump isn’t the only person famous for saying, “You’re fired!”

Washington, D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee-who just let go 241 underperforming teachers-does “a pretty nifty job,” too.

 McGurn gives us the back story to the firings:

 The mass dismissals follow a landmark agreement Ms. Rhee negotiated with the Washington Teachers Union (WTU) at the end of June. The quid pro quo was this: Good teachers would get more money (including a 21.6% pay increase through 2012 and opportunities for merit pay). In exchange, bad teachers could be shown the door.

 Unfortunately, the union is appealing the firings. Jeanne Allen, president of the Center for Education Reform, which represents charter schools, says they aren’t used to dealing with a chancellor willing to call their bluff.

 Isn’t it interesting that the representatives of professional educators have become a major impediment to educating kids?