Some kind of spin-meister award goes to the headline writer and reporter of this story: “Among House Democrats in Rust Belt, a Sense of Abandonment over Energy Bill.”

Why do they feel abandoned? Well, because these poor innocents were persuaded to vote for an energy bill that their constituents for the most part abhor. Senate Democrats, realizing how unpopular the bill is, have apparently put it on hold. So now they feel abandoned?

How ‘bout feeling abandoned when made to walk the plank on their original vote?

 The first two paragraphs of the story are a masterpiece in story-framing-poor congressman goes home, expects to get questions on healthcare, stimulus, and has answers for those questions. Here is what happened:

 But at a meeting with business leaders, he had to come up with fast answers on something completely different: Why, the businessmen wanted to know, had [Rep. John] Boccieri voted for a bill last summer to cap carbon emissions, which they feared would drive up their energy bills in the middle of a recession?

 But, you see, if the Senate hadn’t “abandoned” the House plank walkers, Mr. Boccieri would have had an easier time explaining his vote-or not.

 If I didn’t absolutely know journalists were above this sort of thing, I’d almost think it was pleading to the Senate to bring up the energy bill now–now, while they still have the numbers to pursue the public be damned stance that has characterized this Congress.  

Oh, and crocodile tears for Mr. Boccieri.