Breaking News: It’s bad for supporters to Arizona’s controversial immigration bill–yep, a federal judge has blocked key portions.

National Review’s The Corner has waded through the legal language for this precis: 

The court blocked sections of SB1070 that would: require police to make “reasonable attempts” to determine the immigration status of persons stopped under suspicion of a crime; authorize police to arrest persons under probable cause that they have committed infractions that could lead to deportation; make it a crime for aliens not to carry immigration papers; make it a crime for an illegal aliens to apply for work.

The parts of the bill not enjoined by the ruling  include fairly anodyne provisions that make it easier for Arizona citizens and officials to help enforce federal immigration law, along with amendments to criminal statutes dealing with a number of other immigration-related crimes.

It’s only Round I–but it undoubtedly goes to foes of the law.