10. Chelsea Clinton is getting hitched this weekend – a wedding that comes with a $3.2 million price tag! At least the tax payers aren’t paying for this too…

9. A recent Gallup Poll reveals that only 11% of Americans have confidence in Congress.  In God we now place all our trust.

8. Rapper Wyclef Jean is considering running for President in Haiti’s next elections. Will MTV help with the campaigning?

7.  Obama’s track record suggests to one WSJ reporter that the President might not be as bipartisan as he says he is…

6.  Bosnian man claims extra-terrestials are to blame for a sixth meteorite hitting his house. If only we were all special enough to be singled out by aliens?

5. Research shows that if the Bush tax cuts expire, large families in particular will owe more to the IRS.

4. Obama takes a break from the oval office to lounge on the couches with the ladies of The View.

3.  Economic growth is coming slowly, but hopefully surely, for the United States. Maybe if policy makers focused on stimulating other factors than consumption we’d see results sooner?

2. “Poverty” is not just an unfortunate label for developing countries. It’s been reported that 23% of American children live in poverty. That’s almost 1/4th of the nation’s kids!

1. Oklahoma sees its first ever female dominated governor race.