An overwhelming majority of voters in Missouri have said they don’t want the new healthcare system being imposed from Washington. Reuters reports:

Missouri voters on Tuesday rejected the new U.S. healthcare bill, approving a measure that would forbid the federal government from penalizing people who do not buy health insurance.

With 78 percent of precincts reporting, 72.6 percent of voters supported the Health Care Freedom Act, also known as Proposition C, while 27.4 percent rejected it. …

“Proposition C will be a boon to other states that are trying to repeal the individual mandate,” said American Legislative Exchange Council task force director Christie Herrera. “Having that grassroots groundswell will give political courage to lawmakers.”

 Philip Klein has an excellent piece on how the Proposition C movement developed. Advocates of the administration’s health care reform say that such movements can have no effect because the courts will ultimately decide. Look for supporters of healthcare reform to portray opponents in the darkest terms.