It’s official: I am confused. According to the Washington Post, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling Congress back from recess to finish work on a $26 billion plan to prevent the layoffs of teachers and other public employees. But haven’t we already spent too much this year?

Where will the money come from? Oh, wait: Us. I guess what will happen is that the money will be shifted about from the federal government that is broke to the states that are broke, and then, when the charade no longer works, they’ll just bill the taxpayer. 

Nobody wants to see teachers and other public workers laid off (well, maybe a few), especially in this economy. But, if we can’t pay them….reality should be faced.

And perhaps there are some less essential jobs (diversity trainer comes to mind) that could be eliminated before we get to teachers and fire fighters.

But you couldn’t really call Congress back with the rallying cry “Save the diversity officers!” could you? So teachers it is.