In case you’re concerned for the international ant population or wondering what the effects of cocaine on a monkey are, the Obama Administration’s stimulus projects are working for you!  Congratulations!  In the case that you’re on board with the rest of us, you should really be ticked off by a new report on wasteful stimulus projects.  Two senators have outlined the 100 worst stimulus projects in a report entitled “Summertime Blues.”

Topping the list is the $554,763 spent for new windows at a visitor center in Mount St. Helens in Washington that closed in 2007.  According to local news and the Forest Service, there are no plans to use the empty space.  Rounding out the top 10 is a quarter-mile stretch of sidewalk in Oklahoma that replaces a sidewalk laid only five years ago.  The new $89,298 sidewalk leads directly to a ditch and fronts no homes or businesses.  Down the list is my favorite wasteful spending project at number 28 – researchers got $71,623 to see how monkeys react when they’re high on cocaine.  Yep, your taxes paid for monkeys to get high on illegal narcotics in North Carolina. 

Now I am willing to concede that there may be legitimate reasons for researchers or developers to seek grants and other support for certain projects, but it is absolutely inappropriate to use stimulus funds for these things.  Were these the “saved jobs” that Obama has been talking about?  Check out the list to see where your tax dollars are being spent in this

so-called stimulus bill.