Today the Senate will confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, a shoo-in. Kagan has met President Obama’s empathy standard, charmed the Senate Judiciary committee hearings with her humor, and today will pass her final hurdle to become our nation’s fourth female Supreme Court Justice.  As the inkwell blog has noted before, Supreme Court nominations are a significant way that a sitting President may leave a lasting legacy long after they’re out of office – and as unpredictable as Kagan may seem, she will do just that.  This particular nominee has noted that her legal heroes include activist judges and she has towed the liberal line as the Administration’s Solicitor General thus far.  As she receives her nomination today, don’t be so deceived to believe that everyone is applauding.  Her nomination is not generating much drama because of her lack of popularity, but today will really change things for our nation’s high court.  To read just how Elena Kagan may change things, check out this U.S. News piece here.