10. Although statistics tells us otherwise, your vote might actually matter! Rep. Dan Benishek won Michigan’s primary elections by one vote. 

9. Congrats to Kenya‘s preliminary results in favor of a new constitution!

8.  Recent polls indicate that less than half of Americans favor Kagan’s Confirmation. Is it just to appoint a Supreme Court Justice that so many citizens disapprove of?

7.  Studies hint that the problem starts early on in the womb. Does this mean Michelle Obama needs a plan B strategy for battling American child obesity?

6. Although his polls may have hit a new low, Obama’s birthday celebrations hit a high as he dined with Oprah Winfrey in Chicago.

5. Big win for Virginia as the federal district court refused to dismiss the state’s lawsuit testing Obamacare. 

4. New Bedford closes beaches due to a shark sighting…How appropriately ironic for shark week!

3. Aliens appear to still be a hot topic this week as well, as the National Archives released an old story of a pilot’s near collision with an UFO.

2. Supermodel Naomi Campbell testifies in U.N. court regarding the alleged diamonds she was given by Liberia’s former ruler, Charles Taylor.

1. Federal BP oil report makes scientists frown. Seem s that it’s not just the general public’s toes that the government steps on?