“A nameless bill for a hopeless cause is a fitting metaphor for a Democratic Congress that refuses to listen to the American people and abandon its job-killing agenda,” said House Republican Leader John Boehner (Ohio).

 Congress was in such a hurry to pass the $26 billion spending bill for which they interrupted their holidays that they didn’t bother to name it. Do you realize how bizarre and out of control spending by the current Congress has been? Are you seriously worried?

 I want to make three points about the latest spree:

 First, the money is ostensibly to bail out state governments that are in the red, and, naturally, it was done in the name of teachers-always invoked, along with fire fighters, when the government wants to confiscate more of your earnings. But the GOP is charging that the money is really going to help teacher unions, which can go for operations thus freeing up other funds to make campaign contributions to their favored candidates.

Second, there are states that have managed their budgets well and aren’t in the red. The beneficiary states are guilty of overspending.

 Third, even if this were a good idea on its merits, we don’t have the money. Or as Larry Kudlow puts it: The U. S. is bankrupt.

But enjoy the names that have been suggested for the nameless bill (my personal favorite is the Middle Finger to America Bill)!