If you want to know why Newsweek magazine is in trouble-and, admittedly, there are more pressing problems in the world-you have only to look at its rankings of the best countries in the world.

Talk about bizarre! Do you really believe that the United States ranks 11th as a good place to live? Only if you are a Newsweek editor, viewing the world from the more cosmopolitan of the two Americas.

Newsweek looked at nations by “economy, politics, health, and quality of life, proving the globe’s true national champions.”  Not surprisingly, the Nordic countries held down the top spots-Finland is first-with Canada coming in fifth, ahead of the U.S. This should come as a nasty shock to the folks waiting for medical attention in Canada. Only at Newsweek, to borrow from Cindy Adams.

There are some mini-profiles of countries that didn’t come in among the top ones: My favorite is that, though Ghana does not have a “stellar” economy (you can say that again!) is has one of the better political systems of the poorer countries.

You can’t make this stuff up.