As I’ve previously noted on Inkwell, state health inspectors in Portland, Oregon shut down a little girl’s lemonade stand a few weeks ago for failure to present a “temporary restaurant permit.”  The seven year old and her mother tearfully packed up after being threatened with a $500 fine.  According to Oregon law, you must obtain a $120 license to open a lemonade stand – even on your front lawn!  This is a perfect example of how government can really go too far in regulation enforcement.  Well, little Julie Murphy has some supporters who are planning to open a slew of unlicensed lemonade stands at the same community event this month.  In that same vein of patriotic fervor that led groups such as the Boston Tea Party and the Whiskey Rebellion to revolt against over-regulation and taxation, this uprising will send the state a clear message to lighten up.  Click here to read more.