Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ramming the healthcare bill through Congress without the consent of the governed has done a lot of damage. But-let’s face it-Nancy is a hoot.

It was once said that anybody who could read Charles Dickens’ eponymous tearjerker about Little Nell and not laugh had a heart of stone. Ditto if you are not enjoying Speaker P.

Pelosi’s gaffe about investigating people who oppose the Ground Zero mosque has provoked some much-needed mirth in the dog days of summer:

Bill Kristol has taken to calling her “tailgunner Nancy,” an allusion to Senator Joe McCarthy, who also had a penchant for investigating citizens for being un-American.

“Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque?” the mischievous Bill asked in a previous post, this time referencing the famous question asked in hearings of Senator Joe’s notorious House of Un-American Activities (fondly known as HUAC).

“Speaker Pelosi, I Confess,” says Paul Hinderaker of Powerline. Mr. Hinderaker also indulges in a few jokes at the expense of the HUAC: “As a student of history, I think I know how this works. I want to spare my family and friends the pressure they may feel they are under to turn me in. I’m turning myself in to Speaker Pelosi.”

Here’s another nice piece: Nancy Pelosi, First Amendment warrior.

Meanwhile, last night on Fox, Charles Krauthammer bragged that he was against the mosque but that nobody had paid him off as per Ms. Pelosi’s description of the “organized” campaign against the GMZ. Krauthammer asked,  “What am I? Chopped liver?”

Thanks, Madame Speaker.

Things were getting heavy in Washington.