In the last election, voters put Democrats in charge-and very much in charge-of the government.  For two years, Democrats have enjoyed significant majorities in both the House and Senate, as well as having the Presidency.  They are supposed to move legislation and serve the interest of the American people.   

Obviously, voters are frustrated with how Democrats have used their power during the last two years.  Voters abhor the new health care law and a majority want it repealed (see this new repeal pledge as an example of the anti-health care law movement); Voters are also angry about exploding government spending and expanding government power.   The failure of this Congress to extend the Bush era tax cuts is another show of this Congress’s incompetence and inability to address the American people’s priority issues. 

Democrats’ prospects were already weak.  Punting the tax issue just confirms Americans’ worst opinions about the Democrats as a party – they’d rather spend and grow government than give the American people needed financial relief.  Yes, this will only add to Democrats’ problems in November.