Washington, D.C. is a pleasant town and, like the House of the Rising Sun, it’s been the ruin of many poor man-and woman.

These ruined men and women are elected officials who come to Washington and forget why they were sent in the first place.  

Will the winners of this year’s midterm elections, be they Republican or Democrat, come to Washington and be seduced the comfortable ways of the nation’s capitol and find they don’t want to undertake the hard battles.

 This year’s midterm elections, as James Gannon notes in the American Spectator, are a “tipping point.” No doubt, many men and women will come to Washington with the idea that the administration’s health care legislation-new horrors are revealed daily-must be repealed and replaced. But will they have the stomach to do this when they settle into Washington?

That is why Independent Women’s Voice is asking candidates to put it in writing by signing a pledge to repeal and replace the administration’s health care system. Politico this morning quotes Heather Higgins saying, “Let’s see who is actually serious about this, because we, the voters, are serious about this.”